Cron configuration

This plugin has been designed to schedule launch heavy tasks, like file integrity and file permissions checks. We can launch them when the server is not overloaded, having our system file always under control:

  • Scheduled task(s): We can choose the task(s) to launch: Alternate permissions and integrity checking, only check permissions, only check integrity and check both permissions and integrity.

  • Launching interval: The time period when the task(s) will be launched. It will remain disabled if you launch task(s) every X hours.

    Launching this task(s) frequently will cause a server overload. Some hosting providers can apply you limits, so if you have problems set a daily interval.

  • Periodicity: Launch task(s) every X hours, every day or every week.

    Tasks consume high values of CPU and memory, so use the option every X hours carefully (for instance, if your site has been hacked and you need to monitorize file changes during a certain period of days).

We have designed this plugin avoiding to modify any Joomla file and we also don't stablish any operating system requeriment. We only need a visit to our site during the launching interval to launch the task(s).