• Memory limit

This is the maximum amount of memory in bytes that the extension is allowed to allocate. If you have a large site and File Manager or File Integrity tasks doesn't end, maybe you should increase this value.

  • Secret key length

This is the length of the secret key that will be generated when using 'Backend protection' in .htaccess protection option.

  • Scan executable files only

With this option enabled scans will also look for executable files and exceptions will not be included in database. This will decrease CPU and memory usage and will generate less heavy scans. Choose this option if you have hosting restrictions.

  • Remove meta tag

Remove the Joomla's meta tag. If this option is disabled, we will see the following in the source code of out Joomla website, which is used in some attacks to identify Joomla websites.

  • Check ACL

If this option is enabled a basic security ACL check will be perform. Public and Guests groups ACLs will be checked looking for insecure configurations showing an alert everytime an administrator is logged into backend:

  • Determine 'option' accurately

Use a method to determine the component involved in each query accurately. Unfortunately this method doesn't work on some sites. Disable this option if you have issues, but exceptions added may change.

  • Avoid proxies

Enabling this option proxy headers will be ignored to determine the offensive IP (more secure). Disabling it X-Forwarded-For header will determine the IP (less secure because this header could be modified - No private or reserved IPS will be allowed).

  • Enable OTP

Enabling this option will let you unblock a Super User account. See the Troubleshooting paragraph of this guide to get more info.