In this section we can establish exceptions for every filter used by the plugin. This allows us to configure our plugin for our installation of Joomla. Despite having tested the plugin with the most popular and rated extensions, we can not be sure of their absolute compatibility. So if we have any kind of problem, we can add an exception for the component which has generated the problem.

All the installed components in our Joomla website can be viewed in the dropbox at the header of this section.

If you want to disable a component for a given filter, we need only write his name in the corresponding text box. We can write multiple values in each text box separating the values with commas.

In this section you can also configure strings in base64 format checking. Many attackers use this format to camouflage the attacks. Despite our efforts, we can notice an increase in false positives if we enabled this option, so we have included a section for base64 exceptions.

You can disable entirely each filter adding a * character as exception. For example, if you want that 'Escape strings' doesn't be applied, you must configure it as the following image:

  • Exclude exceptions if vulnerable

With this option we can avoid security risks if we have a vulnerable extension which is configured as exception in a filter. If it's enabled, exceptions for vulnerable components installed in our website will be ignored.