There are four options: log attacks, set the period to store logs, stablish the maximum number of logs per IP and day and the option to exclude logs from Geoblocked Ips and also of blocked IPs. With the first option enabled, all the attacks will be recorded.

The second option allows us to automatically deleted log entries after a certain period of days is reached. The third option stablish the maximum number of entries per offensive IP and day.

If we disable this feature we will get the following alert in the “View logs” option:

With the third option we can limit the number of entries of each IP in the database per day. This is useful to avoid lots of entries of the same IP, for instance, if we have a blocked IP that tries to access to our site every hour. If this value is set to 0 (default), there will be no limit. The other options allow us to exclude Ips from logs; this way, geoblocked and also blocked ips access attempts are not stored in logs.