Url inspector

This feature allows us to ban IPs that use forbidden words in urls. This way we have a powerful mechanism to control all queries to our website, even those that are redirected to a 404 page.

For example, if we receive an url to access to wp-admin.php, that is typical of Wordpress sites, the url inspector can be configured to add the IP to blacklist because it's > >clear that it's not a valid query. This feature doesn't break other sef extensions installed.

Important: The url inspector only inspects urls routed by Joomla, so direct accesses to files won't be analyzed.

  • Write log

Writes a log everytime a forbidden word appears in an url.

  • Actions

Action to take: Nothing, add IP to dynamic blacklist and app IP to blacklist.

  • Send email

Sends an email.

  • Forbidden words

Lists of the words that are not allowed. If any of them appears in an url, it will take the action set.