Securitycheck Pro has four main features: a component, a module and two plugins. Securitycheck Pro Web Firewall plugin has been designed as a web firewall to protect your site, while Securitycheck Cron plugin allows us to launch tasks following an schedule.

The component shows what extensions (components, modules and plugins) installed on your system are vulnerable, vulnerability details for each vulnerable extension and has a database of all vulnerabilities discovered/published for each Joomla version. Also gets system file permissions to show which of them are misconfigured and checks filesystem integrity to alert us when any file is modified. It also look for suspicious patterns in files and gives us the possibility to check suspicious files against an online free service with 40 anti-malware engines and millions of hash of infected files.

The module shows you useful info about website's security state without goint to the component main page.


No software can ensure a fully protection against any attack imaginable. The usage of this extension NEVER should replace to adequate security measures. Make regular backups and keep an eye for abnormal site behaviour even if you use this software. (You can see this entry in our forum to get info about Joomla's security).