File manager

With File Manager we can check file permissions of our Joomla site. In File Manager Control Panel window we can see two sections: Manual analysis and Analysis summary:

In Manual analysis section we have a 'Start' button to launch an analysis of file permissions. We have a table with the start time, end time and current task of this process. If we launch this check, we will get a progress bar to get info about the process status. Please, don't navigate to another page until the process has finished or you will get an error message.

When this process ends, you'll see a completion message and the analysis summary table will be updated, showing us last check timestamp, number of analized files and number of files/folder with with misconfigured permissions:

If you change permissions of a file in your system file, this change will not be reflected in Analysis summary until a new check is launched.

At the bottom of the page you will see file permissions status with the same color code used in Check Vulnerabilities option:

As you can see, we can filter results choosing kind (file/folder), permissions (wrong, ok, exceptions) or any other search term. If there are more than 3000 files with incorrect permissions, you will see an alert in the top of the page.

There are three folders (and all files and subfolders under them) marked as exceptions: /tmp, /logs and /cache.

If we have some files with misconfigured permissions, we can correct the problem selecting them and clicking Repair option.

To change file/folder permissions, Securitycheck Pro can use two options, stablished in Change permissions method (see Global Configuration --> File Manager option). When the process ends, a log file is created and we get a completion screen:

Clicking in View log button we'll see an screen with the state of every change attempt; failure attempts will be showed in red, and sucessful attempts in green:

Every time we click on Repair button, an entry is recorded in a log's file. By default, this file is deleted every time, but you can change this behavior in Delete log file (see Global Configuration --> File Manager option).

Repair option works on UNIX-derivative Operating Systems (like Linux, Mac, Solaris), not on Windows.