Malware scanner

The malware scanner feature looks for suspicious patterns on your files, suspicious filenames and malware files hidden by false filetypes. That patterns can also be used in legitimate files, so sometimes is really difficult to identify a threat. This is why we have included a powerful ally: [Metasdefender cloud service] Metadefender Cloud is a free online file scanning service powered by OPSWAT’s Metascan technology, a multiple engine malware scanning solution which help us to identify threats. So our malware scanner will check for suspicious patterns and Metadefender Cloud will tell us if there are infected files on our system. Result: the most advanced malware scanner on the market. To use the Metadefender Cloud feature we only need an API key.To obtain it, please create an account or log into the OPSWAT portal and find the Metadefender Clooudsection under 'Licenses'. Expand this section to access your free Metadefender Cloud API key. This Free API key obtained through the OPSWAT Portal allows 25 file scans and 1000 hash lookups per hour.

IMPORTANT NOTICE The malware scanner is not an antivirus solution. We look for suspicious patterns and words which are included in known malware, but they can also be used in legitimate files.

For instance, the following eval (base64_decode) pattern is used on a trojan file as a technique to hide its behaviour:

But the same pattern is also used on several extensions; for example, a popular extension to create contact forms:

So a file marked as “suspicious” is not always a malware file. It means that has been detected a suspicious pattern.

This is why we have included the Metadefender Cloud service: to check suspicious files against more than 40 anti-malware engines. If after an online scan a file is marked as malware, you can be sure that the file contains malware.